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Nov 19, 2015
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I guess this is a slow rollout, but I have the new dashboard, and it looks like there are a ton of new help docs.

From June 12, 2019, we’ll start migrating existing locations to the brand new interface. We expect all existing locations to be migrated by June 21, 2019.

Anyone else seeing this?
This is my frustration. Lack of communication. I am still trying to find out if the 21st is still when everything is going to be fully functional(e.g. when can we sync?). I cant get an answer. I have alot of people that are asking me internally what the heck is going on and I dont know what to tell them. Not to mention clients who we simply do not know what to tell them. I sat on a webinar AND a call with their team and nobody ever mentioned basically they are outsourcing to Uberall. Not a peep.

Very very disappointed in Moz. I always held them as one of the best vendors we had. What happened?
how many locations do you manage? I bailed on Moz 2.5 years ago and went to Yext. I have no desires to cancel Yext as my clients don't leave our company. I recommend contacting Yext for pricing and see what options they have.
I've loving the new layout. So much more user friendly and more information to integrate. But the pricing doesn't make much sense. I've already started transferring my accounts to Bright Local. But it is nice for those that are still on it.
Yeah, I gave up on Moz Local a few years ago because the data wasn't flowing through as it should (and support wasn't the greatest). I've switched to BrightLocal and am happy. Their "CitationBurst" product doesn't require you to pay for a full BrightLocal account.
Hi Sarmcl,
I sincerely hope the direct outreach from your Moz account manager will provide abundant time to fully discuss all of your questions and concerns. We value your voice highly and want to be sure you are getting 1:1 attention on this.
Hi Everybody!

I've responded on another thread regarding the ongoing evolution of the industry's picture of the role of aggregators going forward. You can read that here: Moz/Uberall Partnership - Local Search Forum

To recap here for members' convenience, everyone in this forum has doubtless participated in debates over the past few years regarding the role of aggregators. One of the big 4 (Acxiom) is shuttering at the end of the year, and while the remaining 3 are still very important to any local search marketing campaign, our industry continues to undergo healthy shifts in perspective.

As Sarmcl has rightly pointed out, Moz has been a trusted educator regarding industry emphasis on aggregators while they occupied such a huge place on the local search stage. Aggregators still matter very much, but if you are sensing a new perspective from Moz on this, I think you'll find it's in alignment with the general industry perspective that now encompasses so many more goals: reputation management, analytics, messaging, content, etc.

Existing Moz Local customers will continue to have aggregators at the basic level, and in the coming months, you will see further, far more customized packages for new customers.

We're so honored that people have learned with Moz in the past, and hope you will keep discussing and learning with us as we move forward.
Miriam, we are curious about any functionality around Service Areas. This is something that is not an option in the new system but still wipes out the existing data in GMB regarding Service Area.
Is there going to be a way to handle Service Area in the new Moz/Uberall? If not, will we be able to avoid Moz/Uberall overwriting the existing GMB entries for Service Area?
We've gone through our Customer Service Reps,, and Lucas with no resolution so far.
Service area really only seems to apply to a small handful of directories, such as GMB, Yelp, and AngiesList.
Wow, that stinks. At one point, Moz was just using GMB to verify the listing, not push data to it. The times - they must be a changin' ;)
Wow, that stinks. At one point, Moz was just using GMB to verify the listing, not push data to it. The times - they must be a changin' ;)
Others have had the same issue with Moz pushing data with the new system when the old system was set to not push changes automatically.
It seems like we're the only ones who use Service Area in GMB and also use the new Moz local. Our clients for this project have clearly defined territories and take their GMB Service Areas seriously. Moz wiping them out is a big deal.
The lack of answers is really frustrating.
Well, you're certainly not the only one using GMB's location service area.

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