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Jan 28, 2021
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I wasn't seeing our offers posts in the traditional posts carousel in the Local Knowledge Panel. It looks like Google moved them up to a special "Offers" section where it's highlighting them separately. Has anyone else seen this before and have any thoughts?

It has been like that for offer posts for a while.

Screenshot from last year:
No problem :)

That is why I recommend adding offer posts, they are very prominent on the profile panels.
I have never seen posts this high - I still don't even for businesses that have offer posts. I wonder if it's something they are currently testing thus not everyone sees it like that?
I work exclusively with locksmiths and offer style posts had always just appeared in the carousel. Today I noticed they were completely absent with the new "offer" section appearing.

I've been working on creating branded graphics that I could use interchangeably with the different locksmiths I service and was going to mix up "information" style posts with actual offers...but use the Offer Post Type on both...if anything created as an offer post no longer will appear in the carousel and becomes another section of the knowledge panel...definitely changes up my postings strategies.

Curious on if this is a new change for a lot of other business sectors as well.

Screen Shot 2022-03-28 at 3.15.50 PM.jpg
I have been seeing the offer posts as all these examples for over a year, so probably I was only one of the few people that was testing this feature.
and now Google is rolling out to a wider audience.
Offer posts have been missing on desktop for businesses in the knowledge panel for a couple of months and I spotted a new format in the wild today that I am hoping is the reason why! This layout looks awesome. I hope they roll it out.


Not seeing this in French for the record. The three offer posts are missing entirely:

Not seeing this in French for the record. The three offer posts are missing entirely:
Yeah offer posts have been "missing" on Desktop for a few months. I have a feeling they are rolling out this new layout above. In the meantime at least they still work on mobile.

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