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Mar 5, 2019
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I noticed these blue 'Order Pickup' and 'Order Delivery' links for the first time today, they link to Google's new food ordering platform at

Based on this support article, which has been around a while, I thought Google was only routing orders to a handful of delivery platforms, not restaurants themselves, even if they built their own online ordering system. But then I found this support article on the new ordering platform and this interest form. It looks like you can potentially send these big CTA buttons to your own website, if your restaurant is organised enough to host it's own online ordering system.

If you have a client who's struggling because Google is diverting customers to their delivery 'partners', it could be really valuable to get on top of this.

Screen Shot 2020-07-17 at 12.34.05 am.png
Nice! Thanks for sharing.

I get a 404 error code for the page.

Is it available for restaurants in Europe?
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Interesting, I'm based in Berlin and it doesn't 404 for me. I can only find a handful of US restaurants at the moment, and the help article says it's still in beta.

I just tried with a VPN set to Berlin and I still get a 404... that's strange.

Screenshot 2020-07-17 at 17.07.53.png

Sorry, I meant if you knew if the beta test was available for restaurants in Europe, the help page or the form does not specify.

I first saw the option a couple months ago, but what makes you think you can direct those CTA buttons to your own website? The normal charge is 1.5%, so that would not seem to allow such.
We have a few restaurant clients using the for this functionality, You can definitely bypass the delivery partners. There are few companies in Australia doing this like San Churro and Guzmen y Gomez , its still facilitated by a software partner. In the two examples above its . (Hospitality IT Platform, POS System & Management Solutions | Redcat)

Here is the announcement from Google AU when it was released here on the 19th December 2019 , Got cravings? Order it with a little help from Google Search and Maps is now part of google as it was acquired, So I think some of this functionality may be coming to GMB some time soon if I was to guess.
@Tony Wang I havent seen that. But I have seen the merchants name used in the provider of the OrderAhead instead of a Order Ahead Partner.
@andrewthorn can you clarify what you mean "merchants name used in the provider of the Order"? When you click on the blue Order button, where does it go?
Thanks for the extra info @Tony Wang and @andrewthorn. Looks like I was wrong about linking those CTAs directly to the website.

Here's a profile that might answer the last question - Las Cabañas Mexican Grill & Taqueria

The big blue buttons go to and customers can send the order directly to the restaurant, bypassing the other order platforms. According to the support article Google doesn't charge anyone a service fee/commission at the moment, however on it says they have a 1.5% service fee which will resume in 2021.

So we're back to the same problem unfortunately, Google wants to control more of the funnel so it can monetise users all the way through, instead of letting the business transact with their own customer.

Screen Shot 2020-07-30 at 11.23.44 pm.png

Screen Shot 2020-07-30 at 11.04.17 pm.png

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