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Aug 23, 2014
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I saw on Twitter yesterday that gold stars disappeared from Facebook pages in Google's SERPs. Now a client just emailed me and they are missing their gold stars that were on their organic listing due to the review Schema markup. I've been thinking this is coming for a while now. I noticed the pages that still have them on his site are the ones that haven't been cached in the last couple days (last time Google crawled them was last week).

Is anyone else seeing this?
Thanks for raising Joy!

I saw Barry's post about FB yesterday. But didn't know the rest of organic was gone, except the ones still stuck in cache. :(
Hey Joy,

Two of my clients that I checked still have them.

Facebook looks like it has lost their stars although Yelp still has them. So, it's not a clean sweep.

I had a client that got their stars taken away before. Just one. One day they were gone. I tried a different markup, no dice. It was like Google singled them out and suppressed them. Not sure what the deal was.

Keep us updated!

Mike Blumenthal actually sent me this yesterday and it explains the disappearance on both the client I was looking at and all the Facebook pages -

On Facebook, the reviews are actually on the reviews tab, not the timeline, so there are lots of Facebook URLs that have stars, just not the main URL for the Facebook page.

review stars facebook.png

review stars facebook.png
Interesting on the Facebook note. Thanks for sharing.

On rich snippet stars, lots of our clients don't have crawlable reviews on the page marked up; they're in pictures. Still have the stars though and still have that one client who doesn't have the stars even though his format is the same as everyone else.

But it is good to note the post Mike linked.
Hi Guys,
First - new to the community, but been a long time reader, so hello to you all!

I recently posted about this on Twitter, but thought you guys would like to read/see this as well.

Here's my twitter feed:

I noticed AVVO created rich snippet images on it's category landing page, such as "Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer."

What I found interesting was how they implemented the snippet, and how it collided with my interpretation of Google's policies on how snippets are embedded.
Take a look at the screenshots I took.

I am curious to know your thoughts. It's very interesting how the rich snippet was implemented differently on the Chicago Criminal Lawyers category landing page, versus the Los Angeles Personal Injury lawyer landing page.
Hey Max welcome! And congrats on graduating from lurker to member! :p

Short on time right now but am interested to check your Twitter posts when I can.
Thanks so much for sharing!
@maxsoni will you explain the difference between the two queries? I don't see the difference. Or are you asking why avvo pulls snippets while yelp doesn't?

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