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Dec 4, 2023
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Hi all,

On a suspended profile, we changed the primary owner to another Google account, the same account that is the verified owner of the site in the GSC.

After transferring the primary ownership, the plan was to verify the profile.

However, there's no 'verify' link. And the profile doesn't come up in the /create form when searched for.


The old primary owner account was removed from the profile, the thinking being that was perhaps the cause of the problem,

There was the 7 day hold after adding the new owner before that account could be made primary owner.

Is there another 7 day wait before the new primary owner can verify it?
This is what I get on the appeals page when logged in as the primary owner, the 'get verified' link just goes to the help center article.

That message is actually a bug, as the profile got suspended, Google automatically triggered a not verified flag... so shows the message. You need to follow the normal procedure for reinstatement.

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