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Jul 16, 2014
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Was denied a request from Google Support to add a new physical location for a client within an existing store. We completed the video verification and live video call. Then after providing everything they asked for they denied the approval. Their reasoning was not having permanent signage? See attached for examples of images provided. Below is the exact response from a Google support rep:

We would request you to get back to us once you have permanent signage so that we can assist you with the verification.

I guess my only option is to submit another support ticket and hope I get a different rep?

Front Door Signs.jpg


Yeah, I would try again. I don't see why they wouldn't approve that. It is a sticker on the door rather than a sign outside, but even decals are stickers and those are approved all the time.

The only extra thing maybe would be if you could open one of the doors, if the big wall sign is viewable from the door - maybe that's something extra for them.

I'd definitely try again.
Out of curiosity, what are the two entities?

You said the location is in another store?

Please outline both:
1. Existing Store
- Name
- Address
- Phone

2. New Profile
- Name
- Address
- Phone

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