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Oct 3, 2012
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I was trying to find this answer on the google forum but didn't find anything that completely answered my question.

Is it possible for a personal trainer to get a Local listing if they are currently renting space from a gym? They technically don't have their own space, and may be moving in the future. Would that be in violation of the guidelines? Would it qualify to go along with the "container store" situation? I know it's not technically a store, but would it be acceptable to list a crossfit company within a gym?

"Some businesses may be located within a mall or a container store, which is a store that contains another business. If your business is within a container store or mall, and you'd like to include this information in your listing, specify the container store in parentheses in the business name field. For example, Starbucks (inside Safeway)."
Re: personal trainers

I think it might fall more within this guideline.

"You also can't create a Places listing for an ongoing service, class, or meeting at a location that you don't own or have the authority to represent."

But not totally sure how the algo or a manual review would categorize it.
Re: personal trainers

Thanks for your input Linda... this issue is definitely a little grey. I don't want to go against the guidelines or set this page up for the client incorrectly :confused:

I was up in the air between the rule I listed and the "ongoing service" rule you listed and really couldn't tell what Google would think of it. I can't really figure out how the algo will classify this business. Since you can't have two businesses at the same location, would it be possible to list him as a personal trainer with a service area? Or does it just flat out not qualify?

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