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Jan 24, 2013
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Regarding Google local business listings, I know malls and large buildings have "At+name of listing" then links to most business listings at that place. for example


I'm starting to see more instances of this for business listings with practitioner listings linked to them. example

practitioner - Copy.jpg

I understand how to link a business feature to a building feature in MapMaker... but I'm curious to see if anyone has experience with manually associating a practitioner listing to a business listing? Or does anyone know how/why sometimes listings are automatically associated this way?

Another example, which is confusing me is attached below. The link below "At+business name" is actually another location(a closed location).

relocated from link-on listing - Copy.jpg

any thoughts?


relocated from link-on listing - Copy.jpg

practitioner - Copy.jpg
Very interesting. This is news to me.
This is the same underlying UI for More at this Address which was on Maps that previously was only used for features like Malls, Shopping Centers, etc. This is great and is what I've been asking for so people don't see the need to label their professional features with a business name. Ill have to check this out when on a computer. Its new to me! They're likely doing it behind the scenes rather than directly through the public UI of MapMaker.

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