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Jan 4, 2013
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Good Morning Local Search Pros!

I have a sparkly NEW listing that needs location optimization. The business has recently filed corporation paperwork with Texas. Division of corporations being the only data point. This is a rare occurrence for me. NO messy data or previous NAP work by owner or agency.

I will be adding listing to map providers (Google Maps, Apple maps, Navteq, OpenStreetMap, Teleatlas)
I will be adding listing to aggregators (via Moz)
I will be adding listing to GMB, Bing Local, and the other main citation locations
I will be marking up NAP with schema on the website

How would you proceed? In what order would your complete these processes and why?

Would you wait for data to trickle down to YP or Yelp before claiming instead of creating listings at those sources with the possibility of duplicate creation once database updates with their data sources?

Are there questions that I am not asking or missing?

PS. I would appreciate for those of you share that have past experience(s) with this situation. Then we could move onto assumptions/guessing after.
Thanks for kicking off a great discussion Cody!

It's been eons since I did a new listing from scratch. So the only thing I have to say is it's good to get some major citations seeded before doing GMB. At least that was the last advice I heard on that part of it.

As for the rest, this is a great discussion where you guys will all be able to brainstorm and come up with a best practice series of actions for launching a brand new business!

What say ye???
Fun times Cody - it is fun to build out from the start. We've done this a few times, so here's my thoughts on the process we use. There's a lot :)

When I have done, I always make sure (using NAP hunter plugin) to make sure whatever phone number they get for the business wasn't ever attached to someone else. I also do the same with the address, but I'm also paranoid. I had one once where the phone number was attached to a previous business (like 10 years prior) that became an issue down the road.

The next step is the schema on the website, as well as making sure the Facebook page is up and verified, before I start any citations.

I'd really recommend adding it as a new business in the Google My Business section, and stay away from the Map Maker. It will populate the map once it's verified as a business, and that's how Google expects a new business to be added, so I found it best to do what Google does.

My best success has been when I first just worry about getting the Google listing verified, the knowledge graph showing when I google the business name, and the listing shows on the map as well. You are right about the duplicate possibilities, which is why getting the Google house in order before anything else works best. So many things get checked against that.

After Google, I'd go for the BBB listing. While not a followed link anymore, it's still a high authority website, and tends to show for new business in the SERP.

After that, if you are using Moz, I'd just focus on making sure the Moz score is as good as it can get, and then from there, work off of the directories that matter in your area. After a few months of getting Moz/Google/Bing in order, I'd go after any other high authority ones you want.
For Local SEO purposes only:

1. GMB
2. Moz (would need GMB for Moz verification, or Facebook)
3. Schema/Maps/Citations

I think the last 3 could just all be done at the same time but if you needed a priority, I would say schema, citations, maps.

Also, remember Moz will submit to a small amount of citation sources for you, so don't double submit. You're a pro, so I'm sure you wouldn't but a reminder just in case :)

My advice would depend on what industry it's in. Can you share that?

I am doing this for my 2nd location. I am also doing this for a dentist in San Antonio w/ a 5th location. I also have a solar company with their first location

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I think Christian Ward shared some really important info in post #3 from this thread today:

<a href="">What are best first steps for brand new business?</a>

I have not started a listing for a brand new business in forever, but I bet most consultants don't think to do the things he's recommending. At least I would not have thought of it.

I had a client start a new location last month. His organic ranking happened pretty fast b/c we didn't get a new website (I rarely suggest getting a new website per location) and his existing site's ranking power helped his new location rank faster.

The only thing I would add to your list is the niche directories. Especially for dentists - the medical directories (Health Grades, Rate MDs etc) carry more weight than the traditional top 50 in most cases.

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