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Jul 7, 2017
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Hi everyone

We were pulling our Insights reporting for multiple clients and finding when we do its not pulling all of the locations. Many are simply left blank

When we asked Google support--they told us they dont handle anything with Insights. Huh? What?

Has anyone noticed this issue and if so, have you been able to get someone to help you ?

If you are using GMB API to pull the insights, then yes this bug is continued in V4 as well.The only option is to send request multiple time and after few blank request API return full data.
Hi there

We are pulling manually not through an API.
Is it the same listings that are blank every time? Do they happen to belong to a bulk account?
Yes for a bulk account and seems to be the same locations(happening for multiple clients who all have their own GMB dashboard)

There are other people having same issues on GMB support forums
If you have a thread from the GMB forum, paste it here. You'll need to add your example to the thread in order for us to get a response from Google (including which locations are missing).
Got a response on the forums that Google realizes this is a bug and its nationwide. Their engineers are "working" on it.

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