Mar 8, 2016
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I am a little bit confused about Google Business View program, and will appreciate any input.

Google says you can publish your own photos - , but will they appear as "See Inside" in the business' KG? Can people navigate to the self-taken view from the Google streets view? What are options available (if any) for businesses who want to take their inside view themselves?
Oct 25, 2013
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My understanding is that those pictures uploaded through street view can be done by anyone, but they can't be used as an inside tour, you'll need to work with a trusted photographer to make that happen. You could potentially try becoming a trusted photographer just to do your own for free, but from what I've heard, the back end system is pretty byzantine and might be kind of obnoxious to jump through the hoops to make it all happen.

This isn't my area though, so someone else might know more. Just thought I'd jump in though since no one's said anything yet.

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