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Sep 11, 2023
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I have a question regarding potential cannibalization concerns that may arise from adding similar services to different practitioners on Google Business accounts.

Client Context:
Our client owns a family law practice, and part of our strategy involves creating separate practitioner accounts for different lawyers within the organization. As depicted in the image below, our current focus is on creating a practitioner account tailored specifically to Family Law. However, Family Law encompasses various services, as illustrated in the attached image.” Our goal is to add different practitioner accounts for different focuses.

In reference to the Sterling Sky article, which suggests that each Google Business listing should be associated with a single service page, we are uncertain about the impact of adding multiple and similar services on rankings.While our assumption is that it won't have a negative effect, we're keen to learn from others' experiences and whether this practice has ever had adverse effects on Google Map Pack rankings. Our primary goal is to prevent any potential cannibalization or confusion across our various listings.

It is extremely difficult to guard entirely from cannibalization because some factors cannot be controlled. For exemple, if one practitioner cumulates a sizeable lead over the others, they are likely to crush their colleague despite the attempt to prevent this. Also, because the practitioners are not commonly THAT specialized, they may be unhappy with this arrangement.

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