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Mar 29, 2022
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We have some really weird requirements for a geogrid tracker, the main of is that we desire ONLY spot-checks. We manage so many GBPs that we go straight into "contact us for a quote" for every single rank-tracking services I've looked at except LocalFalcon.

Problem: LocalFacon can only test rankings in English Google (they either massively misunderstood when I asked their support or lied to my face), and we very much need to test them in French.

Obviously not all SEO is done for English. Isn't there any alternative service that offers such a clearly needed feature???
Are you looking for French? Local Falcon has no problem with that:
Oh, so the rank tracking software isn't setting the hl=fr tag. You could ask LocalFalcon to add this as a feature. It should be an easy update for their software developers.
I mean, I can use a French keyword sure, but the Search is still run through English Google. We can tell because if the french vs. English names differ, the rankings are returned only for the English name. Not to mention that some keywords are associated with different verticals in English vs. French (e.g. "garage").

This is a great idea! I can see how beneficial that could be for our users. I'll talk to the team about getting it added as a setting before the end of next week.

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