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Apr 12, 2014
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Any GMB experts care to comment on this.

1. Can not having the correct primary category severely impact rankings? It is set to Doctor instead of Skin Care Clinic (Google currently have a problem changing the category)

2. Lets say my GMB business name is Dr. Fred Smith - Can another GMB called Fred Smith (same address) but different phone number impact rankings?

Thanks for any help
1. Yes, primary category can possibly impact ratings. Is google not allowing you to change the category, and have you contacted GMB support about it?

2. Yes, two listings for the same business can affect ratings; they could be competing against each other, not to mention possibly diluting the number of reviews between the two. Sounds like you are describing either a practitioner listing or a duplicate listing. Did you create them both and do you control them? If it's a solo practitioner, you should merge the two unless he's planning to add other doctors in the future.
Thanks for your reply Tony and sorry for my late reply!

Yes there is an issue and for some reason Google cannot change this category to the one we want. It's been over 2 months now and every time I ask for an update they say they are working on it.

I managed to get rid of the simialr listing by requesting an edit :)

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