Aug 20, 2014
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My question is related to a post dated back to January 1[SUP]st[/SUP] of 2014:


I?m a professor searching for a tenure track position, and my job search is being compromised by a Google+ listing. Some of the wording below is needed to prevent search engines from picking up on sensitive keywords discussed in this thread. Apologies in advance for any inconvenience, and I promise I?m not a wacko.

The word ?nothing? is a replacement for the word ?.t.u.t.o.r.i.n.g.? in this thread; the word ?feather? is a replacement for the word ?.c.h.e.m.i.s.t.r.y.? The word ?Blank? is a replacement for my last name.

My "nothing" website went online in June 2012 under the name "BlankNothing." The Google+ profile ?Blank Nothing? was established to promote the site. At one point in time, this site ranked #1 on Google under the search term, ?organic feather nothing.?

Beginning November 2013 I started applying for tenure track positions at major (top 50) colleges and universities in the U.S., and was rejected several times due to the association with "nothing."

The website I constructed is a powerhouse of knowledge for students, and removing the site will undo over 1500 hours of work. It would also remove a valued educational resource from the internet frequented by students in 144 countries.

Midyear the name of the website was changed to "SomethingElse." It seemed logical that changing the name of the website along with the name of the Google+ profile from ?Blank Nothing? (301 redirect on all links) to ?Something Else? would eliminate the problem, however it did not.

Neither the phone number of the ?business? nor the P.O. Box address has changed. The original "BlankNothing" site, currently 301 redirected, is still online in my Google Webmaster tools.

A Google adwords representative told me my actions SHOULD have worked, i.e. the association should no longer exist. Even after discussion with his colleagues, he doesn?t understand why it did not work. He made the suggestion of deleting the ?SomethingElse? Google+ account entirely and then starting new.

I?m now faced with the same issue as Cam who started the aforementioned thread.

Does anyone know a way ?out of this pickle? that preserves the rank of the website? Is there a way to get Google to remove the association of my current Google+ profile with ?Blank Nothing?? Might deleting "BlankNothing" in my Google Webmaster tools, i.e. delisting "BlankNothing" eliminate the problem?

I apologize for the ?stealth? of this approach, however listing more direct information here will serve only to compound an already egregious problem. Obviously, I choose not to list the name of the website in a public forum. If this interferes with advice, then so be it. These days employers scrutinize everything, and universities don't want a professor with a current or former association to "nothing."

Thank you,
Dr. Blank

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