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Apr 10, 2018
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Curious how one would go about dealing with a review that is a flat out lie.

My wife is in the mental health field and an ex-client left a false review (medical records can prove he is lying). Obviously because of HIPAA she can't really say anything about it. but It's a pretty bad review because he was mad about her treatment plan (medication wise), so he made a bunch of stuff up.

Ideally we can figure out how to get it removed since it's not true, but in the meantime I assume we should respond.

We are going to create a response along the lines of "Your treatment was well within the guidelines and recommendations of blah blah blah. If you would like to revisit the treatment options we discussed please contact me for an appointment."

She only has a couple reviews (most people probably don't want to write a public review that indicated they have a mental health issue) so this 1 review is really impacting her online reputation.


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