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Feb 22, 2022
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My name is Kiran Vial, I was referred by an associate to Sterling Sky, as they had recently dealt with @JoyHawkins and felt that perhaps she could help with our situation here at Symsafe.

Since Nov 2021 we have been under a fake one-star review attack on our Google My Business page. All the reviews are from people we have never heard of or done business with, we only work for on-boarded customers, and don't do walk-ins. The accounts that are submitting these reviews are clearly fake. We have an idea who might be responsible (the activity correlates with a disgruntled ex-employee failing to complete his probationary period, and our takeover of a large client from a competitor), and believe they have engaged a negative SEO service to post these reviews.

Over 200 one-star reviews have gone up, and Google has removed quite a few of them - the ones they are removing are usually accounts with usernames/handles, instead of actual names. However, about 70 one-star reviews are still sitting on our account. We have submitted 80+ cases to Google, used their Removal Tool, drafted several formal letters, and reached out to, and We have also engaged local authorities here, but to no avail.

Are there any specific recommendations anyone has for this type of situation, or anything that you know of that could assist?

Many thanks,
Kiran Vial
Symsafe Pty Ltd

Link to our review page:
Symsafe Pty Ltd. (Experiencing a fake 1-star review attack) · Tower A, Level 1, Suite 24/888 Pittwater Rd, Dee Why NSW 2099, Australia
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I would be happy to explore options with you.

Could you email me on {email address removed} with more details? 1


1 Posting email addresses in an open forum is basically asking for spam. Start a conversation / DM / PM and send the email address via a reply to that.

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