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Aug 20, 2019
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I am experiencing a Google Review related issue I am hoping to get some advice on. I typically do not expect much when it comes to Review Removal through Google Support because so much is ambiguous or he said/she said as it relates to Flagged topics.

However, I am trying to get a review removed that directly mentions a Dr. by name that has absolutely zero affiliation with this business. This is my Clients only 1 star review and it knocked them down from a 5.0 to a 4.9. Google's response was anything but helpful and filled with jargon about how fluctuating reviews are good, blah blah.

This seems extremely cut & dry obvious that it should be removed, what else can I do here? Client shouldn't suffer a bad review because a Reviewer and Google both cannot make sense that this is not the right business for the rant.

My Clients Reviews: endodontic excellence of atlanta - Google Search,,,

Review in Question: "Jasmine. realestate"

Only Dr. actually at this practice is featured on the homepage. Not even close to the Dr. mentioned in the rant review.

Welcome any and all advice.
@hannahmoen, about all you can do is have more people pile on and flag the review. That often does do the trick, though not always (of course). With enough reports, you may get the attention of someone who can confirm what you say: that the only doctor who practices there is not the doctor mentioned by name in the review. Pretty easy to falsify.
@Phil Rozek - thanks for your response! We certainly have been piling on with the flagging - think we have flagged with over 20 profiles at this point. I also got it raised to a higher team only to get the same response even when they looked at the evidence that the name difference between our partner and the partner the review is for are super close.

Endodontic Excellence of Atlanta (right) vs. Endodontics of Atlanta. (wrong)

At a loss. If anyone wants to help me out and flag, I would appreciate endlessly.


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