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Oct 14, 2012
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I recently tried reporting a correction we wanted to make on a Google Plus local page and I'm getting the error message of "Editing this feature is not allowed". I get this error when I am logged into the client's dashboard and when I am logged out of it.

When I tried clicking the report a problem on another listing, I got the troubleshooter as normal. Here is the page in question:

Has anyone else seen this?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.
That's because it's a service area business with address hidden.

That edit feature is tied to Map Maker and Google is removing hidden SABs from map maker. So that's why.

If data is wrong on the listing I'd use the new phone support option to get it corrected.
Oh okay, I wasn't aware they were doing that with hidden addresses. Thanks for the heads up!
Hey Linda,

Just thought I'd share some feedback after using Google's phone support. As it turns out, they said the listing shared joint ownership (which I had no idea of before). The Google rep said he went ahead and unverified ownership of the other person and also attempted to correct some incorrect information on the spot, but wasn't able to do so since the info was connected to the other account.

He said the update should happen late next week, so we shall see.

Phone support - finally! What a relief.
Where is the Google phone support again? I can't seem to locate it. Thanks!

Travis Van Slooten
Thanks Kristen,

It's there they just moved it. It may be different depending which dash you are in and that link may not work unless you are in the right dash.

Sorry no time to log in and check both - but click help top right and then contact us or just contact us and it's in there.

They moved all the other troubleshooters into contact us too. I told them it would confuse everyone and asked them to leave under fix a problem where everyone is used to finding help. But they feel contact us is "discoverable". Well based on the # of times I've had to help folks find it I don't think it's that discoverable. :rolleyes:
Did you find it in help>> contact us Travis? If after hours I think you get a message about call center hours but if you try tomorrow during those hours it should be there.
Yup...that's exactly where I found it. I was running out the door when I checked it so I wasn't able to do the call. I'll tackle it tomorrow though. One follow up, though, when I make the call do I pretend I am the client or will Google work with me as a representative for the client?

Travis Van Slooten
No I'd be upfront. They are OK with consultants. If it's a certain type of change they sometimes circle in the owner via email to ensure they are aware and approve of the change.

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