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Feb 5, 2019
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Ever wanted to report issues straight to the developers? Google Devs utilize this public issue tracker.
You're allowed to post here as the general public.

This is for things like well written bug reports, not tales of woe or gripes or questions. You're highly unlikely to ever get a response to anything here.
This is a place to file bugs. That's it.

Acceptable: "Clicking the button in modal dialog here results in a 403 forbidden error. Here is a link to a screencast reproducing the issue. Affects Firefox only."
Unacceptable: "Why the hell do you keep changing my business name and open hours!"

Google Issue trackers
Nice, I wasn't aware they had a public issue tracker.

Posting bugs in their support forum didn't really seem effective. Still waiting for them to fix the issue with the Call Now buttons in the API.

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