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Jul 15, 2013
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I know restaurants who solicit reviews using a kiosk or a tablet can raise flags and ultimately lead to having your reviews filtered.

My question is what if as an agency you took up privately responding to negative reviews from one location as a service. Would that that trigger a flag or be seen as spam?

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I think responding to reviews from a single IP address is expected behavior. I doubt it would raise any flags.

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Edgar, If your concerned about your IP you can try a service like Hide My Ass. 1 year runs 79.00. Its easy to use and I never have an issue with connections. Also, We have been responding to reviews for our clients for over a year with no issues.
I agree with Colan. If anything, Google has made it easier for a single entity/user to manage multiple G+ pages, where a single source IP is expected. I have not come across any issues doing exactly what you describe.
To follow on Justin's comment, if you do go down the road of using a proxy service like HMA for any purpose, just be sure you do pay for dedicated proxies. It may seem easy enough to use IPs from HMA's free proxy list (Free Proxy List - Public Proxy Servers (IP PORT) - Hide My Ass!) but remember that you will be sharing them will all kinds of other users, the innocuous and nefarious alike!

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