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Guess we can now add Authorship photos to the RIP list:

Google?s John Mueller announced they are making a major change in the search results around authorship. Specifically, Google is dropping the profile photo and circle count from the search listings where authorship is assigned to a web page.

Google Drops Profile Photos, Google+ Circle Count From Authorship In Search Results

I know some of my clients really like having their photo show in SERPS. Of course, some...not so much. I'm afraid of what's next.
Thanks for posting Joy and Scott.

You posted at the same time so I merged your posts so we would not have a split convo with good comments in one, and yet other related comments in the other.

Quick scooping you two.

And yes Joy, big sad face! :(
As I said in comments on one of my G+ posts.

A few things are getting a shake up on the back end. The local ranking, Places search gone and now this.

Hope "she's" not having minor contractions and getting ready to birth some major new update where the whole game changes. :(
Having my photo beside my posts in the SERPS always worked well for me. People feel like they know you when they call. You're not just some faceless corporation.

I think it would be a bad move by Google - people want to connect with people.
Hi Chris, we already had 2 threads, so merged all into one so we don't have disjointed convos in different forums.

Thanks for sharing your frustration. I know it was a lot of work to figure it out and get it working for most folks.
I agree with you both Chris and Jo. We spent a lot of time implementing Authorship for all our clients. So frustrating with Google some times. Okay....most of the time.:D

Yes Jo, I agree it was an added bonus for searchers when seeing a friendly face in SERPS.
Yes Jo, I agree it was an added bonus for searchers when seeing a friendly face in SERPS.

And such a nice drawing card when your client was the only one that had a mug shot in the SERPs!

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