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Jan 13, 2022
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Hello everyone,

I have a client who's a SAB business, and they're moving to a new location (still within the area) in a month. We recently set up their GBP profile, would it be best to wait until they have moved to the new office to verify or can we do it using the old address? Now, Google still requires us to fill out the mailing address for verification purposes, but, it only gives us a phone verification option, so I assume we don't need to worry about getting a postcard. I'm just wondering if the address will be an issue if Google ever asks for an additional document. Thank you so much.
@dnp, I'm sure there are some specifics I'm not aware of, but based on what you describe I'd suggest (1) not verifying the new GMB page (you can scrap it later), (2) simply updating the address on the old/current GMB page once you're at the new location, and (3) updating the site and citations right around that time.

If it's just a straightforward relocation, there's no need to create a 2nd GMB page, and quite a few reasons not to.

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