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Jun 16, 2016
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Hello Everyone,

This is my first post here, so a warm "hello" to all of you.

I have a question.

I'm sure most of you are aware of the importance of accurate NAP to find success in a local search which involves being included in local Directories.

However, there is another very large group of different businesses that don't have a physical location. These are commonly known as SAP's (Service Area Providers). i.e. photographers, home inspectors, mobile dog groomers to name a few. These people work from home and obviously want their home addresses kept private.

All that to ask if any of you know where there is a list of Directories that don't require a physical location, but still allow a business to be included in their directory as a SAP. Google my Business allows for a SAP, but I'm finding it a challenge finding Directories that don't require a physical location.

I'm looking forward to any feedback. :)

Greg B
Hi Greg, welcome to the forum!

I haven't seen any up to date lists, but I have seen these two resources. Bright Local did one and Phil at Local Visibility System did one. Both are years old and things change quick, but it's a place to start at least. Make sure you still do your competitive citation research to find industry/city directories that are valuable for your specific case, and try those too instead of just going off a list like this.
Use either NAP hunter (chrome extension) or Whitespark on a few competitors in the same space. Then export to excel and analyze. That would give you a cross section of general directories, local, and industry specific directories to work off of. That's the more manual, nitty gritty way you could look for citation opportunities.

Lists can become outdated once they go live. Sites get an influx of traffic then decide they can start charging for "enhanced" features. Use the lists as a jumping off point, but definitely do your due diligence and dig into the data :)

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