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Apr 23, 2019
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I created a Google My Business page a year ago. I have a licensed insurance and tax business. The address is my home, but I do not service clients there. I conduct business over the phone or meet at a agreed upon location. I created my listing a year ago and have acquired 7 legitimate 5 star reviews. Last week a client wanted to write a review and the page was gone. I looked into it had found it had been suspended for quality issues. I contacted Google and made an appeal several times. I always receive the same advice, "follow the guidelines."

Since I receive no specific information as to why my listing was suspended, I just went through the guidelines many times and edited my page the best I could. I even sent an email response to Google Support with all of my business licenses attached to verify that I operate a legitimate business. The only response I get is a generic email that says my business can not be displayed on Google maps.

Not sure what to do at this point. If anyone in this forum can help, I would be grateful.
If you post about this issue on the support community I can help you. Please include all your business information and case ID, a picture of your business license would help too.
Thank you. I tried to submit two times but it says an error occurred. Attached are my licenses. I will try to post to Google Support Community again.


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I have tried to submit a post to Google with the information you suggested. Each time it says an error occurred try again. Here is my suspended listing Google My Business Here is one of the many case ID's I have 0-5423000026137
I was able to create a post on the Support Community, but only after I deleted the attachments
Hey Jeff,

Can you post a link to your thread over there so Ben can check it out?
@Jeffab$5 Thanks for all the information, I submitted you for reinstatement and should hear back in 3-5 days.
Thank you very much Ben and everyone else on this forum. This is a great resource. I have been trying to deal with Google directly for over a week and have gotten nowhere. This forum has been a blessing!
I just received a response from Google support. It is the same response I always receive after I submit an appeal. I am not sure if it is from a past appeal I have submitted , or if it comes after Ben/Helmut filed for my reinstatement yesterday.

The message reads, "We've looked at your account and it looks like your business is not eligible to display on Google Maps per our quality guidelines" The ID for this is 5-6340000026202
@Jeffab$5 Thanks for all the information, I submitted you for reinstatement and should hear back in 3-5 days.
I just received an additional general email from Google Support. Stating my business is not eligible to display on Google maps with a different ID #. 2-1880000025937 Again, I am not sure if this is relating to a previous appeal submission, or if it is for the request submitted by Helmut and Ben on Wednesday. My guess is that is is from an appeal I made previously.
I wanted to thank you Ben, for taking the time to help getting my business back up. I am still waiting for my reviews to show up, but just to have it off suspension is a blessing. I think the 3 reviews you saw are from another Affordable Insurance and Tax Solutions in Texas. Do I need to contact Google regarding my 7 reviews, or should I just give them time to work it out.

Thanks again,

Wow that was fast. I've been waiting days already for a response back on my personal GMB profile which got suspended. Should I post there too @BenFisher ?
@j_holtslander right now the best chance of reinstatement is to use the form, but make sure you submit all of your proof in the request. They are still backed up but it is getting better.

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