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Jun 23, 2020
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Hey all!
Is anyone else noticing that the service area is gone for your SABs??
I have noticed this on all of my GBP's that I checked on today.



Seems to be back today. Just checked a handful and they're all showing the Area Served again on desktop. On the mobile it just says "Serves" and I can't remember if it used to have "area" on mobile phones.

Either way, seems to all be back to normal again.
Actually, maybe I was looking in the wrong area. I wasn't looking directly on the maps but in the Knowledgebase section in a normal SERP.

When I check specifically on the maps, there's no area listed on there.
"We found that business profiles with missing service areas are the result of a technical issue. Our engineers are working on the issue but they don’t have an estimate for when they'll be able to resolve it."

An update from Google about missing service areas - sadly a bug with no estimate for fixing.

Hope that helps somewhat!

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