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Feb 2, 2023
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Today morning I noticed that my business is no longer listed where it belongs. Instead, it shows the map point 50 miles away! The same happened to two of my competitors. Location California

Is anyone else experiencing the same?
I have one that jumped 750 miles away, we were already in the process of creating a new GBP to update the SAB and the business owner happened to notice that:

This is happening a lot and I'm collecting examples for Google. If you want to DM me the links to the listings I can add them to the thread.
Hi @Brian - TGL thanks for following up! I don`t think it`s related cause we`re not SABs and didn`t do any manipulations/movements for years.

Hi @JoyHawkins, do you know when it started or/and what might cause that? Is there a risk of going for re-verification? The madness is all around, companies from Cypress are ranking in LA!
It started several weeks ago. My theory was that it was a competitor doing it to tank the ranking of the business. I need more examples though to send to Google. I've collected about half a dozen so far that are all in different cities/industries.
Ok, the Google rep advised me to adust the pin location in settings manually. Of course, after I did that the profile was immediately suspended :mad:

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