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Oct 22, 2019
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I'm conflicted and was hoping to get some insight. According to Googe Guidelines, we are advised not to use a physical address if we serve clients at their residences. Still, I see many others getting away with this and dominating the local map pack with very little SEO pull in other areas. I have a client that currently ranks within position 3/4 on map pack (so in other words in sometimes will appear for that coveted position). I do some spam fighting and do report these businesses that are using physical addresses and sometimes they are approved and I can see Google will remove them entirely but other times I see it does nothing... I hate to run the risk of suspension but should I hop on the bandwagon and do this as well for my client? If we are already hitting that coveted position without the address I can't imagine us not completely dominating the local area with it.... what do y'all think ?

Also, I saw this recent video from one of my favs Joy and it sorta is making me take that leap...

Google has really tightened up the verification process, so you’ll very likely be forced to video verify if you choose to show your address. Then during that lengthy painful process they’ll just deny your verification and tell you that you can’t show your address. Then you’ll have to go through the verification process all over again.

I know some people are getting away with showing their address, but that’s because they set this up before the verification process was so strict. Now they’re flying under the radar.

I also don’t think you’ll get any ranking benefits from showing your address.
Joy's video makes me think if an SAB is "flying under the radar" showing their address, that they probably should keep it that way as long as possible.

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