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No worries, maybe you didn't make a page for the Gym?

So what yall are saying is that the following two pages have been merged?
Austin Fitness Center

Complete Fitness Design

Both have the same address/phone number but it looks like the Austin Fitness Center hasn't been verified yet? I never setup that profile - so I guess it's one of the pre-existing ones.

The Complete Fitness Design is the profile that we have been marketing and building out, so should we just delete the Austin Fitness Center page?

No Austin Fitness Center is just a G+ page it's not merged with a Place page.

Don't need to delete, that page is not the problem we are referring to.

Kat was suggesting you also had a Place page for the Gym that merged because some of the reviews on the main listing are for the gym. Then Keenan also thought you had 2 Place pages I think we all thought that because of your comment about having the same phone # on both listings.

But maybe based on the map maker history your main listing USED to be the name of the gym and then was changed to the trainer name???

So maybe we jumped to wrong conclusion.

Do you have 2 Place pages in your Places dash? (Not talking G+ pages.) Or does he or someone else have a Place page for the gym in another account maybe?
I am waiting to hear back from the client to see if he has any other place pages. But I only have one page in my google places dash (complete fitness design).

I have a feeling he didn't set one up under his account, what happens if that the case?

Thanks again, and what a mess! Glad everyone is willing to help me sort out this mess.
Need to push him to check all G accounts. Often they did it 2 years ago and forgot or didn't even realize it was in a diff account. Or sometimes a webmaster or previous SEO set one up in their account.

OR per Map Maker it looks like maybe the name for this listing started off as the Gym and then he changed it to the current name.

Really hard going back and forth on the forum days apart on each reply trying to piece it together and I'm out of time to donate on this one. (I have to spread myself thin helping everyone and am trying to cut back on my 60 hours a week of free support. My cutoff per issue is usually 5 posts and I think I'm now at 8 with over 90 minutes research into this one.)

It may not even be that there is a 2nd listing. We may be backing up the wrong tree but we are all volunteers just taking guesses. I think you need someone to do a deep dive and complete history to help you figure this out. If want help, email me and I will refer you to someone.

Sorry I could not help you get to the bottom of it.
Kat was right then. It's 2 listings merged which is one problem. Plus it's a violation which is another even bigger problem.

Sorry carpal killing can't type any more and I have a major email nightmare I need to go deal with.
Thanks Linda! Have a good evening and I will keep checking this thread on some next steps.
Strategies can vary depending on which Dashboard is currently in use. Screenshots help us to quickly "see" what is going on.
here is what the dashboard looks like


Sorry about all the problems with this thread. Got all the posts back now.

So as the screenshot clearly shows, those 2 ARE merged into one. So both dashboards are mushed into one live listing. So Kat was right and that's why reviews for the gym are on the trainer site.

One thing I really recommend on new client intake forms and then pushing again verbally with them is "do you have any other accounts for this business or any related business listings at this address."

So now you need to ask him to pick which most important. Delete the other from dash.
The one you delete in a couple weeks MAY break out of the merge on it's own. (If not you'll need to call support to unmerge it. But be sure to delete from dash 1st so you don't have a blatant violation when you call them.)

It MAY stay live if there are citations. In which case you could leave it live. HOWEVER since if it has same phone (can't see phone in dash) then it's likely to merge again AND likely to still hurt ranking for the other one.
thanks for all the updates with the issue, Im glad you were able to get things fixed.

I deleted the Austin Fitness Center page from the dash, so hopefully I should see some results. After doing that, it dropped to 500 from 45, but I'm hoping that's just some movement from deleting the dash and hopefully I will be getting our rankings back soon.
Hello Everyone!
Would someone like to help me revisit this? The merged listing Austin Fitness Center has been taken out of my client's dashboard, but the rankings for COMPLETE FITNESS DESIGN still arent coming back. He is still at #44/45, when we used to be #4.

I have done everything I can to clean up the categories on the site, upload photos etc

Here is a link to the correct profile that is having ranking issues

Does anyone have any ideas?
I did find something strange tonight. Under my gmail profile I found the following profile when I go to Im not sure if this is something we setup under my account or not?

Does it matter that the same profile it showing up under two profiles?

This is what I found under my profile

Here is a link to what the dashboard looks like -

BUT, then under his profile (the main email address we have used on the site/email/etc) he has this profile - that looks like it ends up defaulting to the other profile.

Here is a link to what the dashboard looks like under this profile

**ALSO** The business hours are different in the 2 profiles listed above, could that mean I am dealing with 2 different listings? He is ranking for some terms such as best personal trainer (he is ranking B) and that is pulling the hours from the top profile with the new dashboard.

Can someone help me figure out what is going on? :(
Sorry, I'm sick as a dog. Have been for a month but getting worse so think I'm going to urgent care tomorrow. Can't think straight enough to look.

And it's a Holiday weekend so not many will be around. Hang tight hopefully someone can look soon.
Oh no Linda! Get feeling better soon and try to have a nice rest of the weekend.
Thanks I will.

Went to Urgent Care. Bronchitis, Fever 102, 4 prescriptions, bed rest.

Thank God it's a Holiday and I don't have a pressing project to do like I do most Sundays.
Hope youre feeling better Linda!
I hope someone else can chime in and help me solve this riddle?
No sorry, still sick and totally backed up. Won't be able to offer any more free advice til I get caught up on clients and pressing business issues. Sorry.
No sorry, still sick and totally backed up. Won't be able to offer any more free advice til I get caught up on clients and pressing business issues. Sorry.

You've done more than enough, thanks! :)

UPDATE - I used to adwords express trick to find out if there were dupes. It looks like there are 2 claimed listings (one under the Google places for business dash, and one under the old places dash) under two different gmail accounts.

QUESTION - there are 9 reviews associated with this business, how do I know which listing to delete to make sure I keep the reviews?

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