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Jun 28, 2012
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Just wanted to share a couple observations from a recent experience trying to update an old dashboard.

And old previous consulting client came to me who I guess I had made scared to death to touch his dashboard. Plus he reads this forum and sees all the problems, so asked me to make a couple quick changes for him.

I updated his description and categories on 9/29.

He was already ranking #1 for city + dentist, but was missing teeth whitening service as a category so I added it. Told him since teeth whitening is not even on his site, he may not rank well for it. I checked ranking for that KW and he did not rank at all in top 2 pages of Google. Took a screenshot of page one pack so I could show him the improvement once he started ranking there.

Observation #1: SLOW OLD DASH - Yesterday 10/17, more than 2 weeks later checked page and NO CHANGES. Still old poorly worded description.

Hit "edit details." Nope, still old cats. Teeth whitening is not there (in the hidden bowels of the live page.)

Observation #2: Google ranks based on dash data - even if not on the live page. This may not be news to anyone. Just thought it was interesting...

Checked ranking for City teeth whitening. NOW HE RANKS - in the D spot, page one. Even though teeth whitening is not showing up on his page and he does not even have it on his site anywhere yet. So even though the cat is not live, she's ranking him - based on the cat in dash.

So anyway, updates in the old dash are taking forever. I had told him I would not recommend image changes now due to the pokey old dash. But I didn't think description and cats would take this long. Cool he's ranking though and once he updates his site and I make the SEO recommendations for that, including adding teeth whitening to his home and services page, he should rank even higher.

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