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Jul 19, 2012
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I was really excited last week when I thought I had found an exciting new Google feature "in the wild" called Small Thanks with Google. Alas, I gave Mike Blumenthal the heads up on it only to hear back from him that he blogged about it last August :eek: I had also given Linda news of "the find" but heard back from Mike before posting a thread here. Linda was surprised there wasn't any chatter here about it and asked me to post here about it. Whatever Linda wants, Linda gets!

So, a client got a couple of great reviews on Google which they notified me about via email. When I clicked on I was directed to a Google page

Small Thanks Google.JPG
Small Thanks Google2.JPG that offers a bunch of online and offline materials.

The offline materials include Stickers, Flyers, Postcards, Table Tents and Window Clingers which are available via download.

Obviously, Google encourages local businesses to actively seek reviews from customers. Take note, Yelp.

Small Thanks Google2.JPG

Small Thanks Google.JPG
Linda was surprised there wasn't any chatter here about it and asked me to post here about it. Whatever Linda wants, Linda gets!

Haha Jim, you may be the only one that feels that way! :p

I wanted Jim to post this too, because I have a couple ideas/tips I've been wanting to share about it for awhile now. Too tired tonight. Will try to post tomorrow.

Thanks Jim!
As I think more and more about this, I keep having more ideas and really want to illustrate with some custom examples I need to create. So this has turned into a weekend project for me.
Stay tuned - I'll be posting early next week.

Can anyone guess any of the ideas I'll be sharing?

Has anyone found creative ways to use this for marketing?

Use it, try it out and see what great ideas you can come up - then share below!
Sorry guys. Came down with a bug this week after just getting over a month long bout with the killer flu. So have not been able to get that post done. Still playing catch up on sleep and on work.
I love these. They are beautiful. I have considered using them on the website or as social media posts. Even considered printing them out but then, where to hang them without looking cluttered? Anyway, I like them.
In your business, how about as a window cling sign when the limo is not in use and is parked or is around down before picking up customers?

(I'm still playing catch up and still planning to post my idea which is more for consultants than businesses.)

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