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Jun 28, 2012
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Virginia Nussey over at Bruce Clay just did a good post about how to dress up your listing in the SERPs and make it stand out from the pack.

One of the most important tips she offers is how to optimize sitelinks, but if you follow some of the links she shares you'll also find good info on optimizing rich snippets and authorship as well.

Souping Up Your SERP: Snippet Optimization Tips for Small Biz SEO

You typed your business?s name into Google and you?re wondering how to enhance the way your result looks. How can you get those features you see when you type your competitor?s names in the search engine?

Here?s a resource guide on the ways you can dress up your results when they show up in Google. You?ve got a lot of things going on in your day-to-day running a business duties, so bookmark this page and come back to it whenever you have some time to dedicate to marketing.
Thanks very much for this Linda.

I'd like to open this to the floor for discussion. Does anyone here utilise rich snippets to improve the CTR for their clients in the SERPS?

I see a difficulty with doing this for authorship. If you are getting a business ranked, aren't you encouraged to show one singular person rather than a "team" of people. You may not have a specific "author" to show.

Seriously though, I'd love to know from people who are using rich snippets in this way and what tactics they are using (besides ordinary sitelinks).?
I set my business clients up with authorship markup as standard protocol. Yes, you do need one person to represent the business but that has never been an issue. Even a law firm I work with wasn't a problem. They just designated their firm's President as the "face" of the firm. For business owners it's pretty easy. You just use the owner as the author/face of the business.

Travis Van Slooten
Thank you for sharing Travis, and it's definitely becoming essential for the SERPs. I need to implement this for some of my clients--I have quite a few "one man bands"/one woman orchestras" type businesses so this will be valuable. For the other businesses, you need a representative.

Are there any other stories from people about this? Has anyone been using video rich snippets with their clients?

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