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Dec 9, 2014
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So i was searching for Plumber Los Angeles, and Plumber West Hollywood. I can see the new pack on the top which is for Home Service Pro (by the way if anyone has any update on this please share) and then I looked at Local Pack. But amazingly I can see spam listings, and some businesses which are using keyword to advertise.

For example when i search for Plumber west hollywood. in local pack i do get results for "West Hollywood Plummer" and plummer is different from plumber!!! in the other hand by clicking on the business website, it does take me to a website with a different business name?

Any suggestions of why google delivers search results in local pack like this?
I think people realize that a google crack down is coming. Therefore people are creating as many bs listings now while the process is "easier". Let's me honest, google is going to implement some changes soon.
Advanced Verification appears to only be policing the fact that the business exists, not that they are adhering to the GMB guidelines. So you are absolutely right that "West Hollywood Plummer" is actually "Marty's Plumbing Company".
Actually, not only is their name wrong - their address is a mailing service. Someone reported one on the GMB forum the other day that was using a UPS Store as the address. So I guess advanced verification isn't even looking at the address the business is submitting. How sad...

I passed along the feedback and this example to Google so they can look it over.

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