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Sep 3, 2014
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One of my clients lives in a city that decided to change the name of the street that the client's office is located on. The change officially takes effect on October 1st but the post office is already delivering mail to them that is addressed with the new street name.

I just did a quick experiment at trying to change the street name on GMB, Facebook and Linkedin. The only one that accepted the new street name was Facebook.

When do you recommend that we change GMB, LinkedIn, and all their citations?

I would make sure the street name is updated on Google Maps before updating GMB. You should be able to update the street yourself on Maps if it's still wrong.
I just tried to update it on Google Maps and when I did so, I was prompted to set a marker location. Methinks that that means that Google's not ready to accept the street name change.

Hey @Tim Colling were you making an edit to the business listing, or to Google Maps itself?
See page 121 in my guide (Titled "Fixing an Incorrect Address on Google Maps") and you should select the option that says "Edit the Map" and it should give you an option to edit the entire street.
I was editing the business address on Google Maps, not the street name itself in the map, and not the gmb listing.

Now I understand your earlier suggestion better, and heck yes, I'll go re-read that section of your handbook. Thanks!
Ok, I have done that. Actually, I didn't see a choice called Edit the Map but I did see an option to select the street in its entirety and "report a data problem", so I did so, reporting the street name change. We'll keep our fingers crossed for a quick resolution.

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