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Apr 6, 2016
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Okay, I had to make a few updates to a clients website url yesterday and spotted this

url should be:

url displays as on the GMB listing as:

(utm tracking is also included but I don't need to include that)

So, today I have another client, almost the same problem, the url is stripped back to the main domain

In the GMB dashboard the url is set as:

url displays as on the GMB listing as:

BUT the utm code has stayed in place!?

The link is wrong when viewed on desktop / mobile.

I am reporting but thought I'd share my observations.

Note: I am seeing this error when editing / updating the website field, not sites that already have domains / subdirectories set.
Update: This problem appears to have rectified itself this afternoon as I cannot replicate and all urls are now appearing as they should.
Good to know. Sounds like it must have been a bug.

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