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Mar 28, 2018
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I have a client who has had a live GMB listing for at least 6 years. They moved, the updated address never got verified before the listing was suspended. Upon checking into this, we found a live listing that nobody involved with the business has any knowledge of. I went through the usual attempt to claim it (make a new listing forced to be flagged as duplicate then request access) but it didn't go as expected - the new one got suspended also but not marked as a duplicate.

I haven't gotten any replies from GMB support since the beginning of this month - January 4th specifically. They keep telling me the business is not eligible - not sure why. This has been ongoing since October

cannot get a listing unsuspended - Google Business Profile Community - this is the support forum thread with more details.

I am completely at a loss here. GMB won't explain why it's not eligible - I'm used to that. I'm just confused why it was live without any problems for 6 years at least then suddenly suspended just because the owner moved? And how the live listing, which has no association to the business as far as ownership goes, can stay there with no way to access it?

I don't know what to do to get this cleared up anymore. GMB support isn't answering. No responses on the help boards. Client is emailing me daily - and has almost fallen for one of those "Pay us $500 to rank #1 on Google!" calls because they believed it was really Google due to having an open support ticket.

Any help is appreciated!
@Sarah FBM, have you tried removing your own access to the 2nd, newer, duplicate page, and then getting Google to remove it? You won't be able to get it removed as long as it's claimed. It's not clear to me where that page stands. My guess is that as long as the 2nd page is around you won't be able to re-verify the original page.

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