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Jul 18, 2012
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Curious to see if anyone here has any experience with Sweet IQ.

I signed up about 2 months ago, but haven't really had time to dig in and mess around with the dashboard.

I already use Brightlocal and really like their product.

Re: SweetIQ- anyone use it?

Hi Chris,

I haven't used SweetIQ but am also interested to hear from anyone else who has had the chance to try it out. I also use BrightLocal, and love it's features. :)
Re: SweetIQ- anyone use it?

Hey Guys,

Ditto! Have had a poke around the website but haven't jumped in to actually take it for a test drive yet, so would be interested in any feedback. Primarily use Bright Local, which keeps getting better, along with a dash of PlacesScout.
Re: SweetIQ- anyone use it?

Thanks for posting Chris, I'm curious about the feedback too because I'm seeing it mentioned occasionally but have not looked into it a whole lot yet.

Most I know are like Nick and Nick above and either using Bright Local or Places Scout or both.

I just tweeted this to try to attract more discussion and maybe opinions from some folks that are using it.
Re: SweetIQ- anyone use it?

I currently use it for my clients and I absolutely love it. I've tried brightlocal and places scout and they are in baby phases compared to this system. The real piece I like about it is it creates a workflow for building citations that my team loves as well as easy to use reporting features for sending info to clients. I've literally scoured the web for the best solution in terms of Local SEO for clients and this in my opinion is it.
Re: SweetIQ- anyone use it?

I haven't tried it so far, but since you mentioned it here... I'm registering for a trial right a way and hoping to take it for a spin soon. :)
Hi All,

I use SweetIQ on a very high level. I manage several large accounts with hundreds of locations each. Its fantastic. Its great for 1 location or 1,000. New reviews can get emailed to you daily and you can track your progress on citations, directory listings, rankings etc over time.

The team is fantastic too, very responsive. I highly recommend it.
For those of you using SweetIQ, have you seen much in the way of downtime issues? Yesterday, I was planning on doing a trial but the site was down all day. Today, it loaded immediately. I couldn't find a reason on any of their social presences, however they don't seem to even be in the "we sometimes post" level of communication. Thanks.

/longtime lurker, first time poster
Welcome Tony /longtime lurker, first time poster...
We're glad you jumped in and started posting! :)
Hi Tony,

My name is Mohannad, I'm the CTO at SweetIQ. I apologize about the issue you faced yesterday, one of our DNS providers had a network outage that caused some disruption to our marketing website in some areas.

Everything is back to normal, and we will be more than happy to offer you, and anyone else interested, a free trial of SweetIQ.

Jason and Seopros, thank you for your positive feedback.
Thanks for the insight, Mohannad. Based on the odd timeout, I had a hunch it was a DNS issue, but didn't go so far as to run a check. Looking forward to trying it out.
Hi Mohannad, welcome and thanks for posting. We appreciate the feedback and it sounds like from the feedback here, you have a winning solution! I need to go check it out when I have some time.
Great thread! I have tried out the free trial but I just didn't feel comfortable with it during the trial phase to make the purchase at the end. I planned to go back and try it out again but have been to busy lately. Some of the feedback has my curiosity peaked again! thanks.

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