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Aug 23, 2014
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Ben Fisher brought up a technical issue earlier this week where if you try and update the address on a service area business listing, the address actually gets completely removed on the back end. This is now causing some SABs to get ranked in the middle of Kansas (as Mike Blumenthal figured out, probably because it's in the center of the USA). I'm seeing a bunch of threads on the GMB forum about this issue so for now I strongly advise waiting until this is fixed and not updating the addresses on SAB listings.

I'll post back here when the issue is resolved.

Small update here, I talked to Google and they are aware of the issue and working on a near term fix. The good news, I was able to get a null address SAB reinstated.
I can say with certainty, it started last week ;) I work with lots of SAB's too.
Any updates on this issue?

My client needs to change their address and I'm worried about it getting yanked.
The only thing you can do it try and change the address. If it gets suspended, make sure you let them know what the right address is supposed to be.

If they are not going to be moving far, I would not even change the address right now.

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