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Mar 20, 2019
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Hi folks. One of my clients is a SaaS tool, so not normally a Local SEO client. However strangely enough, we noticed today that if you Google "[brand] ltd", an unverified GBP listing shows up (it doesn't show up for just "[brand]" searches).

As a SaaS company, it's a purely online business, and he doesn't really want to show the address or draw attention to it. However I think Google's picked up the address data from Companies House (the UK's register of companies) - or from a directory that scrapes Companies House - and created the listing from there. It has the "Own this business?" link on it, so definitely not previously created/claimed.

What's the best way to get it removed (if possible) please? I wasn't sure if claiming it and then deleting it would be best, or if we should just use Google Maps' "Suggest an edit" link? I want to avoid a situation where we try to delete it but then Google shows it as "permanently closed", which could further confuse people. When I try this route and look at the "close or remove" options, I'm wondering if "Doesn't exist here" could work (it's actually showing the wrong/an old address already anyway), or just "Other"...? Or is there a way I can contact GBP Support about a listing that isn't claimed?

Thanks in advance for your help! You've been super helpful to me recently - regarding issues for another client of mine - so I'm hoping you'll do your thing once again! 😁
Use the "Doesn't Exist Here" option and if that doesn't work contact support and they can delete it.
Sorry to weigh in here. Support won't be able to assist you if the business profile is not claimed. Use Suggest an edit then the redressal form if the edit is not approved. Some SAAS can qualify for a business profile if it is the corporate office..

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