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Jun 28, 2012
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Attorneys are of course a prime candidate for Local SEO and often they are the most aggressive marketers as well. They've likely been through 8 SEOs before they got to you, so they know their stuff and expect results.

Nifty Law is the leader is attorney marketing and they really do a great job. Here is an interview Nifty Law's fearless leader, Mike Ramsey and Phil Rozek you want to read if you do any type of attorney marketing, or want to.

Mike Ramsey on Local SEO for Law Firms |

You don’t need to be a lawyer – or work for lawyers – to benefit from battle-tested advice on local SEO in particular and marketing in general. (If you do work in the legal field, this is your lucky day.)

I’ve always admired Mike Ramsey’s approach to both. He’s known far and wide as the big kahuna at NiftyMarketing. Last year he launched a sister company, NiftyLaw, specifically to help law firms.

Not only are his clients in cutthroat local markets, but the legal-marketing space is also competitive. That’s a two-headed monster. I asked Mike some tough questions about both areas, and he didn’t shy away from them.

If you’re in a tough local market and need strategy tips, read on.

I love Mike/Nifty's overall story of success, and this article is just as awesome.
I don't have any lawyers in my portfolio, but bought the book anyway. Their will be plenty of good nuggets that could be applied to most business categories. Looking forward to reading it.

Mike is also a really nice guy, had lunch with him last year at SMX Advanced.

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