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Jun 28, 2012
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Our Super Mod Miriam Ellis just did a rock solid follow-up to "The Zen of Local SEO", a post that many have proclaimed is one of the winning posts of 2012!

This new post goes a little deeper on some of the technical aspects of Local Search and is a must-read for consultants and business owners alike.

The Rudiments Of Local SEO by Miriam Ellis

I was truly gratified by the industry recognition of my recent article, "The Zen of Local SEO" and what I’m writing today is a follow-up post. In The Zen of Local, I discussed the futility of trying to write a static tactical guide for implementation of a Local Search campaign, because of the constant changes of policies, options and tools. Because of this, I focused on a philosophical approach to Local. There is more we can discuss, however, and this does take us into more technical waters while still dealing with factors that have remained relatively stable for the past half decade.

I felt this would be a good post to write, because I spend part of each day answering Local SEO questions in fora like SEOmoz Q&A, and CatalysteMarketing’s Local Search Forum, and I see how vital it is for every local business owner and every new Local SEO practitioner to approach Local with an understanding of a few basic facts that will be ruling every aspect of what they do. Much of what follows is drawn from my experience with Local FAQs, or simply teaching my own local business clients. It’s my hope that a read through this post will get you started on the right foot in promoting a local business, and serve you well in every choice you make.

Head over to read the whole thing. It's long, it's fact filled and is definitely worth a bookmark!
Drop a comment on Miriam's blog (or here) to let her know you appreciate the info she shares!
Oh, thank you so much for featuring this here, Linda!!! I really appreciate your kind words and it's such a pleasure to think this post has the potential to get folks off on the right foot, on a more technical level, with their approach to Local. It's a treat to see this here.

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