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Jan 23, 2014
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Dear forum, I just noticed in another thread Linda B. mentioned it would be helpful to her to not have to jump between threads piecing mysteries together.

My issues that I want to be posting here revolve around one client and ultimately Google (and specifically still pertain to NAP) even IF -- I want to ask about a possible conflict between a search in Google Local and the NAP listed on a Facebook page.

Shall I add these questions later to my original thread? -or - create a separate thread. (I feel that these issues are interrelated)

Thank you,
Hi Kathy, it's tricky and kinda depends. The case you are referring to I think, we'd done a lot of back and forth help on an issue. Then later after I've seen 100 other problems and forgot about that 1st thread he started a new one and didn't add the link or mention the previous problem. So I had to dig it up and compare to piece it all together.

Your other question is already really complicated and I sense the client has multiple issues. You tried to focus on one but there ended up being a few. So that thread is already complicated enough that I don't think you should add more unless it's specifically related to the address issue on G+.

If it's a separate issue but kinda/sorta related, then link to the other thread and tell us how it's related.

The reason I'm explaining all this is to try to get you help from others. I am over extended on projects and that other thread would take too much time and research for me to try to help on right now. Others that help here, may not think to try to find a previous thread to get the full big picture, so trying to make it easier for them to connect the dots.

The other reason to separate, if not the same problem is that thread is already pretty long and complicated. And like me, folks that are busy and short on time, if it's too complicated, their eyes glaze over and they (and me) just move on to a question that's more clear cut and easier to answer. Does that make sense?

I mean I will try to help if and when I can but I'm behind on my next Pro conference call and next advanced course, which can help a bunch of people, so that's where my energy needs to go until it's finished.
Thank you Linda for explaining. I really tried to be succinct in my first question, but the listing issues are so convoluted, I almost feel it's a set-up to a punchline-


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