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Jul 31, 2023
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My plumbing and heating GBP is top rated in my town with over 200 reviews. My business was showing constantly for all keywords for over 4 years and since the end of march, it only shows in the 3 pack for 2 days week, almost like clockwork. It will appear Friday and disappear Sunday.

Is there a bug with the algorithm?

If I search for plumber Northampton on my desktop I show in 3rd place but on my mobile I check and the business is not even showing.... I've even search the entire list and my GBP is not there.

Business name: THS Plumbing & Heating Northampton

Can anyone help with this??

I checked a few of the terms and I see you as the 4th listing. Is that what you're seeing as well? If so, rotating from 3 to 4 would be completely normal. It means you basically have the same relevance/prominence as the one you keep swapping with so Google isn't quite sure who gets that position.
I search from different locations in and around Northampton. Not just from one place. I use 2 phones and get the same results.... I even search outside Northampton and see nearly the same results. I ask customers and they get the same. So from being 1st for many years to a massive drop... Something is going on
I still get you 4th - not 8th or 9th so I believe what I last posted is correct. I also checked using a ranking tool and it's replicating what I'm getting, not what you're describing. You might be experiencing personalization if you are logged in while searching which would influence what you're seeing.



Thanks @JoyHawkins - you know I travel a lot around Northampton in and out so when I'm 8th and 9th is when I'm at another address in Northampton. But yes most of the time we are 4th and even 6th.

But what can we do? From being 1st for many years to now a fall...

Is it filtering? And if so what next.

It's not filtering, it's simply that Google thinks you deserve to rank somewhere in the 3rd to 4th spot in any given day so it rotates between them. As shown in the grid, you will rank lower the further you get from your location. As far as what fixes this, I would give the standard "better SEO" answer which I realize is not overly helpful but in order to give any insights, it would take hours of digging through your site + listings to see what you're lacking that your competitors are doing better at. If you don't have an SEO company, I would suggest by starting with having one in the UK do an audit for you.
Okay so after what @JoyHawkins said about doing some SEO work on the website worked a treat for about 3 weeks.

After doing some SEO work on the website it probably took about a month before we started seeing the listing on top again. It lasted aprox 3 weeks/ a month max.

Now we are getting the same issues, only this time we have gained organic rankings and lost google maps for the following keyword.

plumber northampton (mobile device - not showing at all)

plumbers northampton (mobile device - from being top to 3rd)

boiler repair northampton (from being top to 3rd and 4th)

boiler service northampton (from being top to 3rd and 4th)

How can we gain top position again?

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