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@billenross, total snake oil. They probably can't get a bot to get past Google's CAPTCHA, so they use a service like Mechanical Turk to have some pour souls type the same search terms into Google thousands of times.

It's unlikely to work, for a variety of reasons.

I know autocomplete-spamming is against Google's policies, but of course I can't find where they say that. In the meantime, there is good info here:

Google expanding types of predictions they remove from autocomplete - Search Engine Land
I know that manipulating Google's autosuggest is against guidelines ( Automated queries - Search Console Help ) but I've always been curious if these types of services can actually get the auto-suggest to stick long-term. I'd love to see examples.
@PhilRozek @JoyHawkins - Thanks, I had a feeling this had to be against Google TOS, and I'm sure your right Phil, that they are using MT to get this done, and can't believe it will (Joy) stick. Feedback greatly appreciated!
Maybe we should all pool some money together and give them a test to see how they do it and if it works so we know what's going on.

Also, Phil is more than likely correct.

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