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Jul 22, 2013
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Have a page on a client's dashboard that I want removed.
I go to edit the location, scroll to the bottom & select delete page. That takes me to the settings page... Now what? No option to confirm, no endless liability thing to agree to, etc.

Is anyone else seeing this, or is it something quirky about this particular page?
Re: trouble deleting page from dashboard?

Hi Margaret,

Did you try the Delete Page link at the bottom of the Settings page? That's how I usually delete pages - and although I don't have a local page to delete at the moment, I followed that process for a brand page yesterday and didn't have any problems.
Re: trouble deleting page from dashboard?

Hi Priya,
Thx for responding.

Double checking myself, these are the steps I'm following from the documentation
Log in to Google My Business and choose the page you?d like to manage.
Place your cursor in the top left corner. Click My Business > Settings.
Scroll to the bottom of the page, and choose Delete page.
You may be asked to sign in again. If so, sign in, and continue with the following steps.
Check all 4 of the boxes, including Yes, I want to delete my account. Only the page you want to delete, not your personal account, will be deleted.
Click Delete. The page will be removed from your account.

Here are the steps am doing.
  1. on business tile, click manage location
  2. on location page, click edit info
  3. scroll to bottom, under header "Manage this page", click option to delete page and goes to settings page
  4. Not seeing the option to continue the process. 2015-11-24_17-14-58.png - Margarets_Files's library Am I going to pull a Homer? Is it there and am just not seeing it?

Have also tried it by skipping the "edit info" part and going straight to settings via the hamburger menu on the location page. Get the same page as screenshot above - with no option to delete the page. Only by going into edit do I see an option to delete.
Re: trouble deleting page from dashboard?

Hmm, just followed your steps and can see 'Delete Page' ok at the end of that Settings Page.

Only other reason I can think of is that you're not logged in as the owner but as a manager. Is that the case? If not (if you are logged in as owner and not seeing the option to delete then it's probably time to call support!) :)
I was going to say what Priya said - looks like you might be a manager and not an owner.

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