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Aug 23, 2014
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One of my co-workers pointed this out to me and it's the first time I've seen it. Has anyone else seen this before?

Twitter outranking.jpg


Twitter outranking.jpg
Thanks for sharing Joy!

As I said on Twitter, I really think Google is in bed with Twitter and ready to buy them.
Already in negotiations and deal ready to close. (Purely speculation!)

They are in bed with Google on a project on the local level/ Will try to post tomorrow.
And a couple others as well. Including that new help thing we just learned about.
Very cool Joy! Nice catch by the team!

I tried the same search just now and couldn't replicate it. I wonder if that is because a tweet is normally only relevant for a short period of time. In other words, a tweet is communicating something that is generally only relevant in the present and becomes less relevant as each minute passes.
Could be Colan.

Although when Google runs tests it's often by data center. So you could be hitting a different data center that is not running the test.
To test your theory Colan, which is a good one!

We could do some Twitter searches for local KW + City to try to find something that has some recent Tweets then do the Google search.

I need to run so I won't be able to test though.

Ran local KW for specific niches and search operators in my area to try to replicate what Joy found and did not find anything either.
Then again I live in an area that the population is only 86,000 Pending if I do I will post it here asap.
This is very interesting Joy, great find! I see the SERP is a Twitter search result which could generate a lot of SERPS for any service + city. It's not like it's a set page like Yelp and YP have created with a directory of renovations contractors. Google has indexed a search.

Anyways, this will be interesting if this test gets pushed through. It would sure change Google's stance on Social + SEO as over the last year or so, I haven't seen businesses with large social followings get higher search rankings.
I saw another one this morning using the Ad Preview tool. You can see all the settings I have in it to try and replicate it.

Twitter - State Farm.jpg

Twitter - State Farm.jpg
Could this be Google dipping its toes in the water of trying to pull real-time events/happenings from Twitter into local SERPs?

I know a few years back, during any kind of serious event (Crimea/Maidan square events), twitter feeds in Google SERPs were great for getting up-to-the second information, but then they removed that (choosing to only index a small number of tweets)... and then brought it back.

Report: Twitter & Google Have Deal To Index Tweets Again
I believe Google will be using this thesame as they are doing for certain news items. It shows them for only a certain period, though I haven't seen these in the Netherlands SERP's yet. Thanks for the lnk Heckler, somehow missed that article back then, was an interesting read!

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