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Jun 27, 2013
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Hello all,

I'm not sure where to direct this question or how to identify what is exactly wrong.

I currently have myself as manager of 3 business pages (mine and 2 clients). When I'm logged in as the client (Google "owner" account), and Add manager, find myself and add, it show the card with my profile pic, name, and "Invited, Manager".

However, I'm not getting an invitation in my email, or any other type of notification when logged in to Google. I double checked the email by doing the invite through an email address instead of just name and it's correct.

Any ideas what I broke? Or who to call?
I just did this yesterday.

If I understand you correctly, you're logged in as your client. When you go to Settings, Add Managers, you type in your email address.

The card with the profile picture shows up with your email address, and underneath it it says something to the effect of "Send an email". Click that.

You should still be on the same screen - click the button that says "Invite" (I think that's what it says as I'm going from memory).

That should send the invite to you.
Well you did everything that I did. I have a gmail address (as do you) and my invitation landed in my Inbox under the "Social" tab. I'm also a member of Google Partners so I get a lot of email there so I couldn't find the email at first.

The invitation is from the Google+ team and says "(The G+ name of the person that invited you) invited you to become a manager of (Google+ page)

If the invitation was sent this is where it should be.
Like Thaddaeus said, you need to check your email account to finish the process. You're about 90% of the way there :)
You are not the only one with this issue. I was trying to help a gal out in a G+ Community. She even contacted local support and finally got a response. Link to post is below and here is the quote from her latest interaction:

"I know everyone is hanging on in anticipation to see how this plays out... no resolution yet. After I finally convinced support it wasn't in spam, the client did it correctly and had them screenshot my "invited manager" sitting there in managers and sent that on, after about a week - I got this today.

Hello Georgia,

Thank you for contacting Google Places for Business support.

After investigating your problem, we've found that it is being caused by a technical issue and our engineers are pursuing a resolution. At this time, they do not have an estimate on when the issue will be resolved, but please know that they are actively working on improving the Google Maps and Google+ Local experience for our users.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Feel free to respond to this email for any updates - it'll come straight back to me!

Best Regards,
Dave H."

Link to post:
Thanks so much for taking the time to share Blake!
Yes, thanks. I just called local support and they couldn't find anything flagged on my account so it's just tough luck. The technician said to create another account and do the manager role that way.

Not exactly my preference... but if that's what it boils down to... is what it is.

Maybe I read the article too fast and missed something, but can you explain the work around a little more in the forum? If I understood correctly, you just set up another google (gmail) account and used that as the page manger instead of your personal account. Is that correct?

Then from that newly created gmail account, you set up a forwarder in you cpanel's email section. Still on the right track?

So if I understand correctly (which I think I got confused at some point), it was the main "manager verification" email getting routed to the wrong place.

Am I on here, or did I completely miss a step? I initially thought the root problem was not getting the main verification email completed. I can understand if there was a tech issue on Google's end, but I've seen that's few and far between. Most of the verification issues comes from not finding the actual email.

Let me know if i'm way off base here, I'm just trying to understand the blog post + the root problem people are facing here.
I should probably edit that blog post to state that up front.

I was definitely not receiving the email invitation.

The workaround, since Google My Business Support could not find the problem, is to add "/posts?ppaa=true" to the end of the Page URL for which the Manager invitation should have been received. While logged in to Google as the desired Manager account.

All of those steps in the post are not necessary, I was just telling the story of my discovery for others who've experienced the same.

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