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Aug 19, 2020
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Our agency is having some difficulty changing the ownership of a client's GMB listing.

We logged into the client's GMB with the original Google account that was used to create their listing. Inside of the client's GMB dashboard, we made our agency email the primary owner. However, we are unable to login with the agency email to the client's GMB , despite becoming the primary owner. As of writing, we have to use the client's original Google account to make any changes to the GMB.

Does anyone have any suggestions for how to fix this? We have reached out to Google with little success. Thank you!
What exactly do you see when you login as the agency?
We are unable to login using the agency credentials, rather we have to use the client's credentials to login. When we log in to the client's GMB using his credentials, we see this:
So it looks like the only user there that can alter permissions is the 2nd one ("W..."). That's your agency credentials? Are you using the agency dashboard? Is it possible this listing is sitting in the manage invitations section?
We're not actually using an agency account, it's a separate Google account that we set up for this specific client. The second user, "W..." is the separate Google account that we created. We cannot access the GMB Dashboard with "W..."

Also, I'm not sure where to access the "manage invitations" section that you mentioned.
Hey Julia,

The manage invitations section is only applicable if you have an agency account.

I would suggest you contact GMB support about this using the "W" account (make sure you are logged in under that account) using this form: Sign in - Google Accounts

When you submit the form you'll get an auto-responder. Make sure you reply to the auto-responder and you should hear back in about 48 hours.

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