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Aug 7, 2013
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It's always good to cram your head full of technical info on a Friday. If you're not brain-dead from the week, pop on over and read. There is some great info in this post.

Google Panda: Understanding the Technical Inner Workings

The concept of a search engine is very simple. Database the location of pages and return the most relevant results.
Primitive search engines only understood words on the pages in their database and returned pages that included those searched words. Google essentially came along with the ability to reorder those search results based on how many other pages on the Internet linked to them.
Ha.. Well, I didn't think I was brain dead from the week, but after looking at that article, I realize I will need to come back to it when my brain power is refreshed. :eek:

Looks like some really good details though, so thanks for sharing!
I'm a little surprised people are still concerned with Panda. I had to stop reading the article halfway through. I can't comprehend any of it at the moment.

He mentioned in the article that according to the patent Panda isn't a penalty. I think that's just semantics. It seems like maybe Panda boosted the scores of websites that were unique while not affecting sites with copied content. Kind of like "my ranking dropped today" but are you sure that your competitors ranking didn't just jump today?

Sounds semantic to me.

Also, I understand "don't use copied content" sounds simplistic to avoid Panda but do we need to make it any more complicated?

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