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Sep 3, 2014
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When we upgrade(?) a client to SSL, is there any real value in changing the URLs, if any, in the client's citations?

Does it really matter? After all, the URL isn't really "NAP".
My process for this is to update the citations that are easy to update, use https for any new citations and not worry too much about hard to change citations that still use http. Technically speaking, I believe that Google will treat them as the same domain (because they are).
Just a quick and probably redundant addition to what Eric said above, make sure that clicking on those citation links correctly redirects to the https version of the client's site.
I wouldn't bother updating citations, just put a canonical on your site to the HTTPS version and it should handle itself.

I'd also make sure you're using HSTS.
Not necessary to update all citations. I would update GMB for sure and maybe some of the major ones like Facebook and Yelp. If updating all the citations did help ranking, the impact would most likely be very minor. Google states that updating this isn’t necessary here and here. You can also read a good discussion on this topic here.
I would update as many of your citation to not go through a 301 redirect if you can. More important for multi-location biz though.
We update them as we run into them. So we'll push it out to Yext/MozLocal, Facebook, GMB etc, but usually only as we are updating other things like images etc. I don't think we've ever made a special trip for updating the URL.

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